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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  The IBPS in its guidebook mentions in section G that:-

            “Each candidate will have to secure a minimum standardized score in each of the tests to qualify in the written examination and to be considered for vacancies in the participating banks. The cut-off points will be decided based on the average (Average – ¼ Standard Deviation for General category candidates and Average – ¾ Standard Deviation for Reserved Category candidates).”

            For those who want to know how it actually works please go through below. Ideally it should work like this.

            At first let me tell something about standard deviation; it shows how much diversion is there from the average value.  It is calculated in this way; let us consider scores like 12, 11, 15 and 14. The average as you can easily calculate is 13. 

1.    Now, subtract the average from each number and square it. Like (12-13)2  , which is 1.

2.    This way you would get 1, 4, 1, and 4; now find their average (which is 2.5) and simply find the square root, which is the standard deviation. In this case average is 2.5 and standard deviation will be 1.58.

So in this way let’s say for example there are 20 candidates securing these marks in English out of 50.  The standard deviation comes to 8.54 and average 25.9. Now putting in these values we get the General Candidates cut off to be 23.05 and Reserved Category Candidates cut-off to be 19.49. Considering everyone belongs to general category, the green ones indicate the successful candidates.

Names Marks Marks over/below the cutoff

A 25 1.95

B 30 6.95

C 31 7.95

D 22 -1.05

E 18 -5.05

F 26 2.95

G 31 7.95

H 40 16.95

I 12 -11.05

J 33 9.95

K 27 3.95

L 22 -1.05

M 15 -8.05

N 16 -7.05

O 21 -2.05

P 25 1.95

Q 36 12.95

R 42 18.95

S 14 -9.05

T 32 8.95

Average 25.9

Standard Deviation 8.54

General Cut-off 23.05 (average-1/4 th of Stndard Deviation)

Reserved Cut-off 19.49 (average-3/4 th of standard Deviation)

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